Starr Meloche

Starr is a co-creator of Boost Innovations, an event organizer, and a research assistant. She has been involved in community work for over 10 years. She is passionate about creating collaborative communities!

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Michelle Nevett

 Michelle is a co-creator of Boost Innovations and an Applied Research Grants Manager at St. Clair College. One of her main responsibilities has been to develop, facilitate, and manage large projects and events. She is passionate about social innovation & community.


Karamjeet K Dhillon

Karamjeet is the Director of Research at Boost Innovations. When she isn’t working at Western University, she works locally to champion social research within marginalised communities. In particular exploring the nature of living on/in the “margins” versus the notion of decentralisation. Most recently her co-created research exploits have explored international narratives and spatial/ sensory ethnography.