Projects & Programs

Social Research

Social research is an inviting, creative place where we listen to your stories. We do that by mapping individual journeys through photographs, videos and movement. 

Social research critically engages localized community. Engagement is robust focusing on recorded nuances pertinent to researched data. Using qualitative methods, data is tested against critical theory. Creative theoretical collaboration is at the heart of knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing is the gateway to cutting edge methodologies. 

Social Innovation & Social Enterprise Workshops

Boost Innovations has provided workshops in the secondary educational and community setting on topics such as understanding: what is social innovation? How does social enterprise work? How can I become a community change maker? These workshops are great for entrepreneurship, careers, or leadership classes and events!

Wellness Strategy Series

We have created a series of workshops with local subject matter experts, to meet the needs of our social community. Contact us for more details!

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